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Author Topic: Getting Started in Rhun  (Read 69 times)


Getting Started in Rhun
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:41:30 PM »
So coming back to Rhun, you might wonder - where does a player start in this universe that is Rhun.

Typically: the human aligned players will carry out quests to gain levels and experience until they are level 20-30.
They can then explore the Worlds of Rhun via the Star Gates.
The realm of Gypera houses some moderately bad assed bandits and priests.
These guys give huge amounts of XP and drop dynamic loot.
They also hit pretty hard.

How can one survive against these bad asses?

Learn your Subracial abilities.
You may have some playertool abilities that can help you survive.
Lície players for instance can summon Eidolons to help them in combat.
Other races which have wings may be able to fly with playertool10

For those who donít have sub racial abilities, they can still research and learn the magic system of Rhun.

Playertool05 is the universal wand feat.

When you want to cast a verbal spell,
Type ^incantation
Then recite the spell word.

For instance : stupefy will knock most enemies to the ground for a few seconds.

Rituals are more powerful than incantations,
They are multi-step spells that require you to say the phrases in order and correctly.

To trigger a ritual

Followed by the poem/spell

darkness i summon ye
come now protect me
banish all who would do me harm
take their life
make it mine

This will trigger an AOE barrier effect on the player. Most barrier effects will stay in effect while you remain inside the barrier.
Other rituals, particularly the powerful ones, will require reagents or setup steps.
These may include the placing of candles and the like.

Placing candles is hardly the sort of thing you can just do in the midst of combat, but this is part of the balancing system.
These rituals may be better suited as traps, or perhaps another player could distract the enemies while someone else prepares the ritual.

Some summoning rituals will require trials to be completed.
This may include reaching level 40 or defeating certain bosses.

So now your an expert in the magic system.
Where can you learn all these spells?

The magic district of Etum has a shop owned by Meg.
She sells ritual books and spell reagents.

Ok- so your a Vampire, but you cannot get into Etum.
In Straltenís castle there is a person called the Deceiver.
He can for a price, spread a little bit of rumour and gossip, to make the people of Etum like you.

They wonít necessarily want to throw a party for you, but they will at least not kill you on sight.

Ok- so your level 40- what next?
Divinity Levels-
After you hit 40, you will begin to acquire Divinity points.
When you have enough for a Divinity Level you will sparkle and get told how to level up and choose an aspect.
Aspects are aligned with Elemental affinities and the like:
Each one chooses 3 ability scores to enhance.

It will also unlock playertool09 as your Divinity power. An AOE blast power.
Each Divinity level after the first, will increase your in game level by 1.

You can quite literally level up to 60 and beyond.

Once you gain level 40 and above- you will want to tackle the rifts.
These can spawn in any outdoor area.

They will spawn hoards of planar invaders that can kill the unaware.

After you have gained enough power and prestige in Rhun, you can try to take on the Dungeon Bosses.

These include Andariel, Duriel, Caius, Bhunivelze and a few more.
They all award a lump sum of Divinity points.

For those who want to get into a little RP fun, there is also the God System.

From your right click craft menu, you can choose a god to follow.
These gods will occasionally intervene automatically when you are on deaths door.
In other cases they will actually come and take an interest in your development.

They may interfere with your dreams, reward you with loot, or even curse you with uncontrollable powers.

Players can become gods through solving hidden trials.


Re: Getting Started in Rhun
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2018, 11:27:57 AM »
Some information for players:

By default - you can acquire level 45 with Divinity Level.
This is done via @levelup  when you hit the divinity point threshold.

However, if you ever want to hit level 50 - you need to defeat Bhunivelze - the God of Light.
The entrance to his dungeon instance can be found in the Bloodied Forest

He is a Godlike boss battle, and he is practically immune to all damage types - unless you disable the energy relays in the arena.
Defeating him will drop a 'Shard of Bhunivelze' or 'Shard of Light'

Using this Shard will grant the player a Godlike Elemental Spell/Feat.
It will also unlock up to level 50 character progression.

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