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Author Topic: Divine Parentage  (Read 878 times)


Divine Parentage
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:52:44 AM »
Similar to when Bhaal walked the realm during the time of troubles - and spawned a score of mortal progeny, God's may too choose to mate with humanoid species in Rhun.

Gods + NPC
Gods + PC Players

   God - Chooses a target: may choose to woo' the target, or may overpower the target.
      These options are determined by the God's Alignment vs targets, and charisma scores
              Target is then impregnated
              Database entry is made to indicate that a Demi-god of that racial type has been spawned.
              When a player creates a new character - they have a chance of being selected as the Demi-God that was just born - if they meet certain requirements:
   Requirements: Racial Type must match Mothers Racial Type.
                               In-Game month must match the impregnation month +9 months
         If Racial Type matches and Month of expected birth matches:
         Ding Dong - they are a divine baby;
         They gain an instant feat marking them as such:  Divine Origin
         The feat will have 4 different versions with different text:
         1. God is Good, Woo'd parent:
            1) Your parents told you when you came of age of how you were born of divine providence. A god came before them and said that you would be born unto them from divine essence. This divine power now runs in your veins and you are marked by destiny. You hold only a small portion of divine power, but it grows as you gain strength.
         2. God is Good, Overpowered parent:
            1) Your parents were ashamed to tell you, but your birth was as much a curse as a blessing. Your true parentage was revealed to be from a deity whom forced itself upon your parent. Nine months later you were born from that divine union. Your parents may not have had a say in your conception, but they have grown to love you and raise you as their own. You may not know your divine benefactor, but their power flows in your veins and grows with each passing day.
         3. God is Evil, Woo'd parent:
            1) You were raised in full knowledge of your true parentage, your adopted parents explained how they were visited by a dark deity who promised them a <SON/DAUGHTER> to carry divine essence within. While you never knew your dark benefactor - their power and taint flows within you, granting power when needed.
         4. God is Evil, Overpowered parent:
            1) Your parents explained when you came of age, of how a dark deity forced your parents to conceive you with dark divine essence. You may have been the product of a dark ritual, but your parents grew to love you and sheltered you from your dark parentage as much as possible. But dark dreams and the power from your divine parentage comes to the surface every now and again. The taint it seems is strong in your blood.
      The feat will grant:
         1. Divine Damage Resistance:
            1) Levels: 1-20: +1% Resistance to Divine Damage per level
            2) Levels 21-35: +2% Resistance to Divine Damage per level
            3) Levels 36-40: +3% Resistance to Divine Damage per level.   (60% at 40)
            4) Levels 41+: 4% Resistance to Divine Damage per level          (96% at 50?)
         2. Outgoing Damage increase:
            1) 10+1% per 5 levels,  damage is shifted towards Divine type
               a) Eg: 34 Fire damage, 13 Electric, 20 Smashing Damage (Assuming level 1 character)
               b) 3+1+2 = 6 Divine Damage, Fire Damage, Electric and Smashing reduced by the amount shifted.
         3. Level 20: Ranged power: If God was evil: Taint (Enemies)
                      If God was good: Bless (Allies)
         4. Level 40: Self Power: Summon Solar (Fallen Solar if Evil God)
            1) Solar is conversable (Gives players information about their parentage, and possible quests)
            2) Solar may even be able to facilitate communication between divine players and their divine spawn.
      God players cannot play as the Divine Children that they themselves sired.
      Divine Children can forsake their divinity in a quest line (yet to be planned)
         Forsaking divinity will place their divine soul / essence within a well of divinity. (Collects divine energy)
      Forsaking Divinity will remove the Divine Origin Feat, and replace it with 'Divine Echo's'
      Divine Echo's will explain that the player was sired by a God, and chose to forsake their divine origins and pursue life as a mortal. The feat will however still grant a permanent : 5% Divine Resistance as a remnant of the players divine power.
      Divine Children will primarily be counted as a follower of their sire (divine parent)
      They can however choose another God, but that God will not really receive any bonus - as the way Faith works is that the Soul must choose the divinity to worship - and in reality, the divine childs soul is an extension of their divine parents.
      Divine Parents can Spawn 2 Divine Children per year, more if the divine child forsakes their divinity.
      Gods will be able to see in the God Menu details about their children.
      Levelling status, as well as milestones in their life.
      Eg: When they levelled up to each level etc
      Most powerful kills? (maybe)
      Weapons they are using etc
      Classes etc

I was just brain storming on some ideas for God's to father demi-god children.
Similar in scope to Baldurs Gate series - where you are fathered by the Dark God of Murder - Bhaal.
Why not be fathered by a God in Rhun?
Except the Gods would be players in Rhun, who may be able to help or impede you in your quests.

Epic Dude

Re: Divine Parentage
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2018, 03:27:12 AM »
This is fucking awesome.


Though, godly gestation periods could be expedited, you know? Have a timer for them to watch somewhere maybe?

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