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Author Topic: Levels 41-45  (Read 3235 times)


Re: Levels 41-45
« Reply #30 on: April 16, 2014, 10:01:07 PM »
I am also investigating whether or not to offer levels 46-50

Its my opinion if you are over level 20 you are sorta demi-god level (thats the NWN Description for Epic Character)
Where you are of a strength/power that rivals Gods.

If you are over level 40, then you really should be epic in power.
So 46-50 should provide some sort of benefit that is awesome.

Im thinking of some Epic Feats to make available.

Eg: Feats that can be selected once over level 45 (because you only get a feat once every 4 levels I believe? You will probably only get to choose one of the GODLY Feats I have plans to make for 46-50, at least until 51-50 become available.

Does anyone want to give me ideas for Feats?

Ideally 'Passives': they go into your feat list, look pretty, but arent spells or attacks.
They would either grant reduction, resistance, or some sort of protective effect or even offensive effect against those who attack you. Or maybe even grant access to conversation topics in the craft menu that gives you special utility functions.

If you know what you want - then I could work on a Active Spell like Feat

Hmm, Active Spell Like Feats...  A couple of things I thought about were an Area Attack Vampire Bite or a Ranged Vampire Bite for Vamps.

Another could be a ranged attack that damages a target, teleports them next to you and stuns them momentarily.

As for passives, what about a retaliation effect where the attackers take a fraction of the damage they deal.
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The Worlds of Rhun  |  Important Information  |  News & Information  |  Old News  |  Levels 41-45

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