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Important Instructions
« on: July 13, 2013, 01:44:55 PM »
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  • In order to make your user created areas work in Rhun, you need to follow some easy steps.

    1. Create your Module in Toolset.
    2. Create a Single Area: Make sure that the Area is created with tilesets / content that you know Rhun has.
    3. Create a Portal Placeable in your area, and give it a tag of :  plnar_gate     set its usable flag to be true.  (Tick the Usable Checkbox etc)
    4. Finish your area.
    5. Save the module.
    6. Upload to the Forum via the Downloads section.

    Make sure you only add a single area to your module, as only one area from each module is extracted.

    You can also update your submission at any time, although the changes will only be reflected in game after a server reboot.

    Your area when purchased in Rhun will have all Items (inventory items) stripped out, to prevent people trying to upload god items.
    But decorative placeables will be unaffected, they wont have any scripts attached to them.
    You can still create nice scenes with use of lighting and visual effect placeables.


    The Worlds of Rhun  |  General Category  |  User Created Areas  |  Important Instructions

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